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Date: 9. April 2009

Silence before the storm

We have for a long period not been posting news on the site but that does not mean that we have not been active. We have participated in three courses and been in Seishinkan since the last news.

From 19 to 24 January Steffen and Armelle was in Hamburg on a course, more precisely Seishinkan. Every year in Hamburg the Japanese party Kagemibiraki is thrown. The week up to the party is called Kangeiko where there is training 1 hour a day. Kangeiko means “training in the cold season”. After a week of training from 7:00 to 8:00 am the Kagemibiraki party is thrown.

Wednesday the 28 January Stig and Flemming took a trip to Seishinkan.

From 21 to 22 February there was a course with Eckhardt Hemkemeier, 4 Dan from Seishinkan, in Varde. We were 26 participants and we were 5 from Fredericia. Flemming from Varde had arranged the course and the last day he got graduated to 1 kyu. Claus from Varde got graduated too, to 2 kyu. We wish them very many congratulations.

The last thing we have participated in was the course with Shimizu Sensei in Berlin. Stig and Lasse participated in the course. The course lasted for 5 days and it was great training. Besides Stig and Lasse from Fredericia, there were 5 other participants from Denmark, more exact Herlev. These were: Tim, Katrine, Mads, Ramtin and Walter. We had five nice days where we saw a bit of Berlin and got a lot of good training. At the course there were five dan-graduations (black belt). Three got 1 dan, one got 2 dan and Peter Nieblich got 4 dan. We wish them all very many congratulations with there new degrees.

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 4. November 2008

Course in Fredericia

This weekend we held a course in Tendoryu Aikido. The Instructor was Marcus Titze, 3 Dan from Seishinkan in Hamburg. All clubs in Denmark was represented and we were 24 participants.

At 2 Pm. Saturday the lads from Fredericia were making the last preparations and it wasn’t long before the participators came and from the first second there were a good atmosphere. 3. Pm. the training started and Marcus was ready. Kathrine Torp from Herlev was translating, in favour for many. Basis technique was the prime topic, but Marcus also had something new we hadn’t seen before. Afterwards we were going to eat at China House, a Chinese restaurant in Fredericia and we were having a nice time. Around 11 Pm. the first people were leaving and the rest left around 11.30 Pm.

10 Am. Sunday the lads were meeting in the dojo, ready for a few hours training. 10.30 Pm. we started and Marcus was continuing the same good style from Saturday. At the end of the course Marcus had a special technique for us; we should make shiho nage with to attackers.

Kathrine Torp and Steffen Ravn Mortensen got there 1. Dan diplomas at this course and they are now official 1. Dan’s, Congratulation.

Kurt was taking pictures and filming and these will be uploaded to over website.

We’ll like to say thanks to Marcus for the course and we are looking forward to next time.

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 21. October 2008

Tendoryu instructor at DJU summer camp 2009

Friday the 17. October Steffen Mortensen told us the news that his has been invited to instruct at DJU’s summer camp 2009, placed in Bramming. We are glad to be represented yet again. In 2008 Martin Hyldtofte, 1 Kyu from Herlev was representing Tendoryu Aikido. It’s still unknown how many days Steffen are instructing, but we hope to train aikido all week.

We hope to see a lot of aikidokan’s and a lot of other participator’s next year week 27.

We also like to draw attention to our course in Fredericia the 1st and 2nd November. Marcus Titze, 3 Dan from Seishinkan Hamburg is instructing. To enrol write a mail to Stig Weimar at stigweimar@fjjk.dk. Last day to enrol is the 24th October.

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 17. October 2008

German excursion and new events

The lads from Denmark have visited Germany. Wednesday the 1st Flemming from Varde and Lasse visited the Dojo Seishinkan in Hamburg. Eckhardt were at work but Claus witch were the stand-in for Eckhardt, were making a great training.
The 15th Flemming and Steffen from Varde, Stig and Lasse visited Seishinkan. Eckhardt were the instructor and we got a lot to work with at home.

Besides that we have some new events.

The following events are planed for 2008:

D. 1. – 2. November there is a course in Fredericia with Marcus Titze, 3. Dan.
D. 29. – 30. November there is a course with Peter Nawrot, 5. Dan in Lüneburg.
D. 13. December Harburg is ending the year with Christmas training.

More events have been planed for 2009 and these are listed at our event page.

View events Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 9. October 2008

Another great camp

Another great camp has come to an end. The 26-28. September Tendoryu Aikido Denmark was gathered at Lolland, where they held there annual late summer camp. We were 25 at the camp, both children and adults. We had a couple of nice days with a lot of training and cosiness.

After a nice trip at the ferry, we arrived at the camp Friday evening. Kathrine was our first instructor, and her topic was “ukemi” (fallschool). After 1½ hours training it was time for some food, Chili con carno was on the menu. The rest of the evening, everybody was having a good time. Around 12 Pm our beds where calling.

Press here, to read it all Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 7. October 2008


Tendoryu Aikido Denmark held their annual late summer camp from the 26-28 September, which this yeah was held on Lolland. In the end of this camp Lasse Svane Weimar got graduated 2. Kyu.

During to a work accident Lasse has been training at half power, but after a couple of years his back. He contributed in making a new children’s class, which began on 2nd October, where his one of the two instructors.

Besides that Lasse is the maker our homepage, which always is up to date.

Tim Jensen (2 Dan) was the one who graduated Lasse.


Written by: Stig Weimar
Date: 29. September 2008

Aikido starts a children’s class

As something brand new in the club, we are from 2nd October starting a children’s class. Children from the age of 8-14 will in the future be able to train aikido every Tuesday from 16.45 – 18.00

The team will be taught by Lasse and Camilla Svane Weimar who has been in the club for many years. Lasse Svane Weimar is 22 years old and has been training aikido for 7 years. Camilla Svane Weimar is 18 years old and has been training aikido for 4 years. Both have participated in many curses, both national and international.

The training will be FREE in October

We are looking forward to see you.

View article (only in Danish) Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 30. August 2008

The new season

Monday 1st September is the start of our new season. This year we have expanded the training from one time a week to twice. We now train both Monday and Wednesday.

At the moment we are also working on starting a children’s team but this is not quite decided yet. We expect a decision next week and will be back with further information.

Furthermore the training is free during September for everybody who wishes to try it. We suggest all who are interested to train in sweats in the beginning.

Training schedule:
Monday 20.30 – 21.45
Wednesday 18.00 – 19.15

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 19. August 2008

Irisvej visiting

Saturday 16th August Irisvej in Fredericia visited us. As a part of their annual party they were going to an activity. This year it was Tendoryu Aikido. There were 18 signed up and both children and grownups participated. We had about an hour of training where we got through a number of different techniques. The participants got a tiny insight as to what aikido is and a little show on top.

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 13. August 2008

New events

Here are some new events.

30th to 31st August: Seminar in Berlin with 4th Dan Olaf Müller.

20th September: Seminar in Harmurg with Eckhardt Hemkemeier 4th Dan.

26th to 28th September is the time of our late summer camp which is been held for the Danish Tendoryu practitioners. The camp is arranged by Tim Jensen and the trainers will be a wide selection of the Danish instructors. The camp is taking place on Lolland. Further details will be announced when we have them.

View events Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 9. August 2008

Summer excursion

The summer holiday is almost over but even though our ordinary training was on a break during the summer, we were not. Through July we have been visiting Germany three times. Our first trip was on 9th July where we went to Seishinkan in Hamburg where we received instruction by 4th Dan, Eckhardt Hemkemeier. Three of our members went on this trip, Stig, Camilla and Lasse.

Our second trip was to a seminar in Kiel where Eckhardt Hemkemeier was the instructor. This time four from Denmark participated, Stig, Steffen and Lasse from Fredericia and Flemming from Varde. The seminar lasted three hours followed by a nice trip to a Greek restaurant.

Our last trip, 30th July, once again took place in Seishinkan, Hamburg, where the training was instructed by 4th Dan Eckhardt Hemkemeier. This time four of us went, Stig, Camilla, Lasse and Flemming.

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 9. July 2008

Black belt for Steffen R. Mortensen

30 year old Steffen R. Mortensen has, as the second person from Fredericia, been graduated to 1. dan, black belt, in the defensive martial art of Aikido. Steffen has just gotten back from his second training camp in Herzogenhorn, Germany, where the graduation took place. Steffen got his graduation from the Tendoryu Aikido master Kenji Shimizu Sensei from Japan. Steffen has been training Aikido since 1999 under Stig Weimar, who also holds the rank of 1. dan in Tendoryu Aikido. Steffen has been an active member of Fredericia Judo & Ju-Jutsu Klub for 9 years both as a practitioner and as an instructor. He is now one of the instructors of the Aikido class, but also on the clubs “smallest” class, teaching the children aged 5-7.

View article (only in Danish) Written by: Frank Stjernholm
Date: 11. June 2008


On Wednesday 11th June we had a common training with Varde Aikido. The training was finished with following graduations:

For 3rd kyu:
Claus Jørgensen (Varde)
Steffen Dam (Varde)
Mark Dam (Varde)

For 4th kyu:
Camilla Weimar (Fredericia)
For 5th kyu:
Mikkel Mikkelsen (Varde)
Nadia Johansen (Fredericia)

We congratulate all the newly graduated.

Written by: Lasse Svane Weimar
Date: 5. July 2006

First ever Aikido black belt in Fredericia

Stig Weimar has as the first ever, from Fredericia, gotten his 1. dan, black belt, in the defensive art of Aikido. Stig has just gotten back from yet another training camp in Herzogenhorn, Germany, where the graduation took place. Stig got his graduation from the Tendoryu Aikido master Kenji Shimizu Sensei from Japan. Stig has been training Aikido since 1995 as he started a class in Fredericia Judo & Ju-Jutsu Klub. Stig is now the second highest ranked Tendoryu Aikidoka in Denmark only topped by Tim Jensen from Herlev. Stig Weimar has earlier in his martial arts career gotten a 2. dan in Ju-Jutsu before switching to Aikido. Other than that he has been an active member of Fredericia Judo & Ju-Jutsu Klub for over 32 years, which in itself is a very special achievement.

View article (only in Danish) Written by: Frank Stjernholm

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