Another great camp

Another great camp has come to an end. The 26-28. September Tendoryu Aikido Denmark was gathered at Lolland, where they held there annual late summer camp. We were 25 at the camp, both children and adults. We had a couple of nice days with a lot of training and cosiness.

After a nice trip at the ferry, we arrived at the camp Friday evening. Kathrine was our first instructor, and her topic was “ukemi” (fallschool). After 1½ hours training it was time for some food, Chili con carno was on the menu. The rest of the evening, everybody was having a good time. Around 12 Pm our beds where calling.

The morning people were awaking to start this Saturday with morning training which was starting at 7 am. The morning training was over, and it was time for breakfast. One set of parents was also at this camp and they were making must of our food, which was very nice. Saturday was also the day where the instructors from Fredericia should instruct. Steffen Mortensen was the first to who was on. At 9 am he was instructing the children and after him Stig Weimar was ready to instruct the adult class. In the class from 10.30 Am to 12.30 pm Stig was the instructor. The topic of this class was “accurate (correct) leading” (thinking in the way of the sword, even if its not there). After training there were lunch ready and then a few hours sleep. Tim Jensen was the children’s instructor in their afternoon training, they where having a nice time playing, shouting and punishing the mat. A little explaining follows, the children where having a bokken (wooden swords) and then using all their power cutting in to(towards) the mat, while they where shouting to increase the power. As the children’s class was ended, Steffen was ready to instruct the adult class. The topic of this lesson was “ukemi” (uke’s(the attacker) way of protection him- or herself). Kathrine had also had this topic but not in the same way. In the evening everyone was having a great time, with cookies whisky and chips. Around 12 pm the lads from Fredericia went to bed, some of the others first went to bed around 3 am.

At 7.30 am Kathrine, who always are up early, and I was making breakfast. The breakfast was ready, but only half the lads where at breakfast this morning, during to sleeping a little longer. 9 Am Kathrine was ready to instruct the children one last time. In this class the children were tried being uke, when Kathrine was showing the technique. This was quite a big thing for the children and they were having a nice time. Around 9.50 am the adults where on the mat, preparing for their training, which started at 10 am. From 10 am Tim was the instructor and then adults and children were training together. This was a great experience and a challenge both to children and adults. The 30 minutes was up and the children were done training. In the end of the training Tim graduated yours truly to 2. Kyu. Afterwards the mats were loaded in to the car. Our last lunch was served and then it was time to go home.

A really nice weekend, with a lot of good training and talking.

We would like to thank all the lads at camp and we are looking forward to meeting next time.